These are volatile times for the retail and consumer industry: the advent of the Internet has reshaped the way we buy and sell in more dramatic ways than could ever have been imagined. From evolving consumer demographics to industry consolidations, globalization to shifting sources and supply chains, the industry continues to change and evolve. Cultural segmentation is adding another dimension, making it more difficult to navigate this ever-changing landscape. As a result, organizations critically need the managerial and leadership talent to survive and thrive. The firm approaches both strategic and consultative: They understand the various markets that we serve and excel at finding just the right executive who combines the business skills, leadership style, and cultural “fit” to help ensure the success of your organization.

Practice members

Chris Berger Managing Director Bio
Veronica Biggins Managing Director Bio
Judy Boreham Managing Director Bio
Hugo Fueglein Managing Director Bio
Dale E. Jones President and Chief Executive Officer Bio
Julie Kanak Managing Director Bio
Marjorie Kean Managing Director Bio
Kevin B. Kelly Managing Director Bio
Jim Langston Managing Director Bio
Tony Leng Managing Director Bio
Carla Logan Vice President and Senior Associate Bio
John Mestepey Managing Director Bio
Stephen S. Morreale Chief Operating Officer Bio
Joyce Ort Vice President and Senior Associate Bio
Jeannine Sommer Vice President and Senior Associate Bio
Judith M. von Seldeneck Founder and Chair Bio