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Our analysis is strategic, thorough, tailored to client requirements and measured by milestones we arrive at collaboratively. We look at candidates through a lens that is both historical, to measure capacity and achievement, and future-oriented, to best gauge potential and anticipate contribution. To bring you the best for your board, we apply our own proprietary questioning techniques developed over 18 years of board recruiting. Before you interview them, we already have. We believe that what they know trumps who they know. We aren’t constrained by one-size-fits-all, and if advantageous, can offer clients unbundled services to allow customization, flexibility and greater return on investment. The objective is enabling you to retain us for just what you need, rather than a pre-conceived package we’d like to sell you. We refuse to be bogged-down by the way it’s always been done, and blend best-practices with little is off-limits innovation.

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Jean-Louis Alpeyrie Senior Executive Recruiter & Consultant Bio