Goodstone Group


Goodstone Group is a global network of rigorously trained and vetted executive coaches serving new, rising and C-level leaders. We provide:

  1. One-on-one leadership coaching for successful leaders who are working to expand their leadership effectiveness; are preparing to move into or have recently taken on new roles; or are under-performing because of unproductive leadership behaviors.
  2. Assessment and advisory services leveraging interview-based multi-rater feedback with optional use of third-party assessment tools that are selected for fit with purpose of the assessment (e.g. development or selection/succession)
  3. Coaching for teams who need to improve members’ individual or team effectiveness. Our team coaching work always begins with a team diagnostic to identify improvement opportunities and to assess members’ buy-in to need for change.
  4. Group learning programs for leaders with a shared development need in selected areas such as: broadening influence skills, leading virtual teams, improving executive presence; and developing coaching skills for leaders. These customized programs always include practice and coaching to build the target skills.

To find the best-fit coach for a given need, we collaborate carefully with those seeking coaching as well as with their sponsors in the business and in Human Resources.  We believe that coaching services are an investment that should yield observable and lasting results. Collectively, Goodstone coaches have coached over 1000 C-level leaders and thousands more at the early to senior levels in most industries.



Resumes Are Less Vital Today, But Don’t Neglect Them

Resumes matter, but not as much as just five years ago, according to a new survey by the Futurestep division of Korn Ferry. What’s more, the study said, resumes are the least important of the key factors that go into a job search. Yet it could be a big mistake to neglect that particular document.