Founded in 2000, Borderless is a full-service, international leadership and executive search consulting firm, combining business expertise with insights into the human factors of organizations. The firm helps companies develop business, team and personal leadership qualities, and attract talented executives. Borderless focuses on Chemicals & Converting sectors, Food & Drink and Life Sciences, industries in which many of its consultants have led earlier lives as executives.

Borderless is a member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, and adheres to the quality and professional standards that distinguish the world’s top leadership and executive search consulting firms.


Leadership Development, Key for Growth, Seen As Stagnating

Leadership development is now seen as a main driver for ensuring delivery of business results (43 percent) and business growth (20 percent), according to the ‘2016 Leadership Development Survey’ just released by Borderless Executive Search. The report captured insights from close to 1,000 senior executives across a range of industries. The high rate of response and


Oh, Please Stop! That is Not Inclusion

BRUSSELS, October 25, 2017 — It is time to have some straight talk about Inclusion. Although it remains the best way to harness diversity for business success, the concept of inclusion is often painfully misconstrued. Because it is a competitive crime to watch companies squander this advantage, we at Borderless felt the need for an inclusion

Got Diversity? Of Course You Do. Now, What Are Your Going to Do With It?

BRUSSELS, October 19, 2017 — As a professional helping organizations define and drive their diversity initiatives, I am always looking for inspiration to make my point.  Sometimes, I have to look no further than my own dinner table.  Let me give you a powerful example of my latest epiphany. My husband is the Chief Operating Officer

No More Training, Mentoring and Networking. We are (Women) Leaders and We Are Here to Conduct Business.

BRUSSELS, October 13, 2017 — Last month I was consulted by a large international client.  They were launching a thoughtful and contemporary worldwide multicultural and generational mentoring initiative and wanted to do some additional programming for their high performing, successful women.  The ultimate goal?  To increase the number of women in their leadership ranks, which had

Outcomes of Benchmark Study on Organizational Vitality

BRUSSELS, September 12, 2017 — “Vitality levels” among executives in global companies are disconcertingly low, according to respondents of the 2017 Benchmark Study on Organizational Vitality, conducted by Borderless ResearchSM. Because Organizational Vitality impacts revenue, productivity, innovation and engagement, the study highlights opportunities for corporate managers to tap into energy sources that increase vitality and improve organizational performance.

How to Brand ‘Me’ a Success

BRUSSELS, July 1, 2016 — When you’re looking for a new challenge or to give your career a boost, you have to find a way to stand out as the best candidate for the job. You need to brand this great product called ‘me’ in a thoughtful and effective way. By Borderless Consultant Barbara Stupp These