Blackshaw Partners, LLC


The right leadership can transform your organization. Nothing else has a greater impact on your company, its culture, and its ability to reach its goals. At Blackshaw Partners, our mission is to deliver great leaders that will shape and drive the success of your organization.

Attracting top talent can be time consuming and costly without the right relationships and processes in place.  So how do you identify and retain top talent with a staggering 10,000 baby boomers retiring each year and an 18% satisfaction rate from organizations on its leader’s ability to meet goals? This is where Blackshaw Partners excels. We have successfully completed over 3,000 search assignments for positions such as Vice President, members of the Board of Directors and C-Suite level Executives.  Our client base includes many blue-chip multinationals as well as highly successful start-up and entrepreneurial companies.

Blackshaw Partners was founded in 1976, and our deep client relationships span the globe. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, our partner offices are in Tokyo, Hamburg, and South Florida. Our experience and expertise lies in connecting our clients to top talent within the finance, sales, marketing, general management, human resources and diversity industries. In addition, our international and diverse practice encompasses hospitality, leisure, insurance, media and entertainment, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications and non-profit.

Blackshaw Partners has an established track record for connecting clients with candidates with aligned skills, qualities and values. It’s not enough simply to identify experience. Blackshaw Partners will uncover future potential and deliver the right leaders to drive you towards your goals.