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Beecher Reagan Advisors LLC is the executive search firm of choice among top professional services firms seeking guidance and counsel on talent acquisition. Our Partners bring over 20 years of proven experience and a personal commitment to deliver impactful results to our management consulting, business advisory, and IT Services clients. We also assist Fortune 500 and alternative investment firms around sourcing and attracting professional services and consulting talent in house. By acting as a trusted advisor to both clients and candidates, we leverage our unparallel access, experience and expertise to build long-standing relationships and facilitate executive level hires that have immediate impact and that persist over time.


Will AI Enhance Jobs, or Destroy Them?

For all the fear that artificial intelligence will displace workers, a new report has shown that high numbers of employees believe it will actually help rather than hurt their future prospects. Forty eight percent of U.K. business leaders surveyed for the study said that AI is likely to benefit them by bringing more flexibility to

Speaking the Language of a Client

Launching a new business is no easy task. It requires ideas, talented people, a synergistic culture and a full understanding of the product or service at hand. When Clark Beecher and Tim Reagan departed search firm Magellan International, where they first met and worked side-by-side for a number of years, they had all of this