ALC Discovery


ALC Discovery offers executive assessment solutions to the recruitment industry and corporates on a global basis.  Our assessment instrument has a uniquely high level of validity and is used by corporates such as Citi, Emirates, BAE Systems, Microsoft and McDonalds.

Companies are more and more frequently looking to incorporate and improve their executive assessment as part of the hiring and onboarding processes.  This enables them to positively impact retention, reduce cost per hire, increase diversity and reduce unconscious bias.

As a recruitment company, you can partner with ALC Discovery and offer executive assessment to your clients as part of your recruitment and onboarding process.  This enables small to medium sized consultancies and search firms to compete more favourably with the larger outfits that already offer assessment solutions.  It also allows you to tangibly and easily differentiate your services from those of your competitors.

As a corporate, you can of course benefit too by using this incredibly robust and comprehensive assessment solution, which compares very favourably against other better known brands, standing out with its three components: values, EQ and behaviours. As well as being used for recruitment selection and onboarding, the ALC Discovery solution can also be used for development, coaching, team dynamics, diversity, mergers and other talent issues.

A completely complimentary trial option is available until the end of March 2018 by emailing Alison Hughes:


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