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Whitham Group is an Executive Search Firm proudly hailing from the Bay Area, the hub of Renewable Energy.

One of the things you as an employer care most about when deciding which Recruiting Firm you want to partner with is the speed of that firm. How fast can they deliver the candidates to you? It’s critical that we deliver quality candidates in a timely fashion, but we are also after the best slate of candidates, not just the first slate of candidates. The process we use here ensures we do a thorough job. With that said, our goal is from the day we get an assignment to the day you have 3 qualified candidates ready to interview in less than 15 days.

Our networks are fostered through in-person meetings with candidates at The Solar Power International the Inter-Solar Conference and more. We have a booth every year where we cultivate new working relationships with peers and business associates, then communicate on a regular basis & stay current with our relationships.

Whitham Group has over 18,000 candidates in our database. We have interviewed thousands of candidates over the years and 80% of them have never put their resume on a job board. We have talent that can change the course of your organization who would otherwise not be accessible.

One of the most frustrating things an employer could ever encounter when working with an agency is seeing candidates that don’t fit what you’re looking for. Whitham Group has a strict rule here, we will NEVER submit a candidate that doesn’t meet 3 criteria simultaneously:

#1. They must have at least 90% of the skills you the client outline

#2. They must be willing to accept an offer in the salary range YOU the client dictate.

#3. Must be motivated by something other than money to pursue the opportunity. If a candidate doesn’t have all 3 of those simultaneously, we don’t send them.

Whitham does not hand our Search Assignments to Junior Associates, Secretaries or Foreign Researchers. We take full accountability for our results and our tenured team are the sole contacts for both clients and candidates.

Small businesses like our fill niches that larger recruitment firms often overlook and can serve our base more directly and with greater flexibility. The world would simply not be as interesting or dynamic, culturally, or economically, without small businesses.

We are a Certified Woman-Owned Business, Woman Business Entity and Certified by the California Public Utilities Commission as a Diverse Supplier of Recruitment Services and Executive Search.

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Whitham is comprised of a team of experienced, professional Executive Search Advisors with over a decade in the Renewable Energy space. We also have sub-niches in Construction and Building Materials. Whitham understands that the quality of your Executive or Management opportunities are often tied to perceptions about the quality, credentials, and experience of the messenger you choose to engage.

Whitham Group is the messenger of corporate career opportunities, yet we are also salespeople, entrepreneurs, serial networkers, brand ambassadors, and an extension of your current leadership team. We make crucial judgments about who should be given an opportunity to compete for positions within your organization and who should not.

Solutions And Expertise

Whitham Group is already immersed in the Renewable Energy, Construction and Building Supply industries and has a vast network of professional contacts. One thing the traditional recruitment process doesn’t do is forge relationships with candidates.

Whitham Group invests the time and effort to really know our candidates and understand their professional development and goals. As a result, candidates selected by Whitham Group have a longer tenure than our competitors have been able to offer. Our core values do not align with high-pressure sales and closing tactics. We are driven by superior, high touch service, the positive experience throughout the process for our candidates and high performers who add immediate value to your organization.

We are a small boutique firm making us more agile and nimble than the huge firms with less off limit companies. We place candidates both Nationally and Globally and our team speaks fluent Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Italian.

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News Briefings

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Growing a Small Renewable Energy Executive Search Firm into Something Big

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Whitham Group named the #1 Executive Search Firm in Renewable Energy in the US by Solar Power International

San Francisco, CA – Since becoming a GBB-certified green business, Whitham Group has evolved to become the market leader in recruiting candidates for companies in the renewable energy industry. The company has embraced the commitment to going green with a passion for renewable energy and the people who have dedicated their talent to protecting and

#1 Renewable Energy Headhunting firm Whitham Group Leads the Scene and Keeps it Green

Windsor, CA – Sometimes referred to as “Green Headhunters,” Whitham Group is the messenger of corporate career opportunities, yet are also salespeople, entrepreneurs, serial networkers, brand ambassadors, and an extension their Clients’ leadership team. Their entire business is focused on recruiting and placing top talent in companies within the renewable energy and cleantech industries. Windsor,



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Carina Whitham
As President of the #1 Renewable Energy Executive Search firm, Carina is responsible for the breadth of the company’s revenue platform; functions span sales, business development, partnerships, corporate development, and company operations. Whitham Group is a WBE and certified by the CPUC.

How SCORE Helped:
Carina Whitham, Founder and President of the top Renewable Energy Executive Search Firm, Whitham Group, first approached SCORE about five years ago when she was just launching her company.