About Fear Less, Sell More

Tom’s father was one of the “founders of cable television and the association’s national chairman.” His great grandfather, a prominent philanthropist, was the CEO and chairman of Sears, Roebuck and Co. at the turn of the twentieth century. As an ADHD child with dyslexia, Tom was unable to live up to those great expectations, and as a result, suffered from extreme anxiety.

Over time, he developed a methodology that increased his confidence and enabled him to achieve success in the entertainment industry, and founded an executive search firm that has sustained excellence for more than a quarter century. It is Tom’s goal to help others achieve success in sales and realize their dreams by overcoming their fears.

Fear Less, Sell More uses a fictional story, humor and a conversational approach to making friends with fear. Drawing from Tom’s circuitous career, he shares his unique insights into the psychology behind selling that can bolster the success of any sales professional.

Meet Tom


Your Career Doesn’t Have to Be Work

After 30+ years of executive search, why is this man still smiling? One simple reason…He found a way to make sales a creative, expressive experience where he can be of service to others, and oh by the way, make a lot of money.

Former actor, comedian, writer-producer, talk show host and comic strip creator, Tom sees executive search and any sales career in general as a creative opportunity. Having struggled with his own sales demons, Tom wants to share why overcoming them makes winning so rewarding.

Stern Executive Search

So much of business seems to be about the ability to predict everything: trends, results, and the strategies of your competitors.

For Tom Stern, the most exciting thing about being an executive recruiter is that he gets to surprise his clients with something unpredictable: a candidate who not only fits the requirements of the job, but ends up bringing greater things to the company than they could ever have imagined. A candidate with not only the skills they need, but new ideas and approaches that they never even knew they were looking for.

It’s hard to define how Tom has perfected his art over the years. He certainly knows how to nurture talent, and how to keep everyone on the same page during the recruitment process. It should be no news to you by now that he often uses humor to arrive at a level playing field.

But the icing on the cake is finding those hidden qualities in a candidate, the ones that surprise and delight the client. Tom says drawing them out requires an unusual mix of skills. “It’s a bit like talking while walking backwards,” he says. “Maintaining the proper distance, while making sure they stay with you, so that by the end, they themselves reveal everything, large and small, that they bring to the table.”

What People Are Saying


Dear Tom: Thanks a lot for sending information on CEO Dad. I really enjoyed it, very clever idea. Hope to see more of it in the future.” – Jay Leno



“Dear Tom, I very much enjoyed being on your show. You are very creative and very funny, but most importantly, you are original! I’m predicting great things for Tom Stern.” – Gloria Allred




“To Whom It May Concern: I hereby certify that CEO Dad is fresh, funny, entertaining, and market ready. It’s time for Dilbert to move over and make room for CEO Dad. Thank you for your consideration.” – Jerry Seinfeld


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