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Spectacle Talent Partners was founded to help companies face recruiting challenges head-on.

Companies purchase new systems or try a quick fix to construct better metrics, make quality hiring easier, and save money.

Unforeseen market disruptions and unstructured processes create confusion and hiring delays. Improvements often prove to be unsustainable.

The alternative is Spectacle Talent Partners.

Spectacle Talent Partners offers solutions for start-ups and high-growth companies who are ready to embrace the possibilities of what a high performing TA function can accomplish.

By working with clients to deliver flexible, practical solutions and empowering the recruiting team to grow and thrive from within, Spectacle Talent Partners helps companies achieve results that set them apart from the crowd. Maybe even creating a bit of a spectacle.

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Spectacle Talent Partners (STP) offers broad experience and a genuine belief that a talent acquisition team is an indispensable business partner.

Susan, the Founder of STP, has led large, dispersed talent acquisition teams at fast-paced entrepreneurial and multi-national companies. She understands that recruiters want to provide memorable candidate experiences, build durable relationships, and provide robust analytics, but budgets, workloads, and time constraints can prevent them from realizing their goals.

Susan is experienced in helping companies understand their existing structure, and address gaps in systems, processes, or talent programs. She is skilled in bringing together current trends and practical innovations and customizing them to benefit a company’s current structure.

By working with clients to deliver flexible, practical solutions and empowering the recruiting team to grow and thrive from within, Susan helps companies achieve results that set them apart from the crowd. Maybe even creating a bit of a spectacle.

Susan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has maintained her Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification for over 15 years. She also has a certification in 360 coaching and transformation.

Susan, a native of New England, currently lives in Maryland with her husband, two children, and their senior dog, Dakota. She likes cooking and baking almost as much as eating out. Susan enjoys traveling and exploring new places, though New York City remains a favorite destination. She also appreciates simple pleasures such as checking books out of the local library.

Solutions And Expertise

A successful talent acquisition team needs the right framework, technology, and measurements to meet the ongoing demands of a growing business.

Whether it’s a fine-tuning or a complete assessment, Spectacle Talent Partners can help you tailor talent processes and tools to meet the needs of your business

Capabilities include:
• Create or evaluate talent acquisition structure and processes
• Implement contemporary interview methods and strategies
• Develop actionable metrics and habits to support them
• Curate a memorable candidate experience
• Refine brand alignment (hosted, social, and organic content)

Signature Talent Acquisition Programs
Talent acquisition programs can be a rich resource for creating brand ambassadors, expanding your brand reach, and building up your talent pipeline. Once created, these programs can have a lasting impact on your ability to target top talent quickly, improve retention rates, and create a measurable return on investment.
• Employee referral programs
• University relations
• Career events/hiring initiatives
• Onboarding programs

  • Corporate Talent Acquisition
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Onboarding
  • Talent Acquisition Audit
  • Talent Acquisition Process
  • Talent Acquisition Project Management
  • All Industries
  • Biotechnology
  • Consumer
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Non-Profit
  • Corporate Talent Acquisition
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Resources

News Briefings

Another 1.5 Million Americans File for Unemployment

Despite the U.S. adding a record amount of jobs last month, the Labor Department reported this morning that 1.5 million more Americans filed new claims for state unemployment benefits last week. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expected the Labor Department to report 1.6 million initial claims. The latest numbers reflect the persistent strain on the economy caused

Press Releases

The Secret Successful Recruiters Know

(July 30, 2020) I recently ran a Facebook poll asking recruiters why they loved their job. The majority said, I like knowing I can make a difference. The secret to making that happen in one word is influence. Popular publications and media sites such as LinkedIn, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes as well as university research

Recruiting Is the Best Reality TV That’s Not On TV

(July 1, 2020) I’m guessing that your reality TV time has crept up a bit…or, a lot. And, while I’m still waiting for Bravo to come out with a reality TV show about talent acquisition, I have enjoyed watching some reality TV shows that made me think of all the amazing TA professionals I know.


June 3, 2020 – I would normally post a blog on my website and send out my weekly email to our online recruiter community today. But, my heart aches and it’s hard to focus as I try to comprehend the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Anger has turned into rioting in our

The Common Mistake Smart Recruiters Make When Hiring Contingent Workers

May 5, 2020 – Companies are adapting to the evolving market and their hiring needs have changed. As a recruiter, you may be asked to pivot your search strategies from full-time searches to hiring contingent workers. The big mistake a recruiter can make is not considering all their options. A Contractor By Any Other Name

Love Your Candidates

April 2, 2020 – I’ll admit that some days feel like the world may never be the same. I was watching an older episode of Lip Sync Battle.…in bed…on my phone. It was early this past Saturday morning and I wasn’t ready to get up and start another day yet. The celebrities on this episode