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Executive search is about finding precisely the right person for that key senior executive position. Whether you are conducting a search to find a new Chairman, CEO, CFO, CTO or other senior leader, an executive search consultant’s real value is in understanding the clients’ needs and finding the right man or woman to fill the senior job in a way that truly fits the requirement.

Not Actively Looking can help you find that perfect candidate much faster. This not only saves you time and effort involved in calling inappropriate or uninterested candidates, but also ensures that you provide a timely and efficient solution to help solve your client’s critical business need.

At Not Actively Looking we have developed our own unique search algorithm to prioritise potential executive candidates in terms of the skills, experience, aspirations and remuneration expectations that you define. This will produce a list of potential executive candidates ranked in order of suitability. You will then be able to start calling the right people immediately, saving yourself time and, critically, solving the client’s problem faster.

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Here’s How Data Privacy Laws Will Impact Global Search Firms
Data Privacy Laws Global Search Firms

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently went into effect and is expected to have a tremendous impact on executive search firms across the E.U. – including the U.K. – and how they handle personal data. GDPR also affects U.S. recruiting firms and others that collect and process information about individuals living in the E.U.,

Recruiting Industry Game Changer On the Horizon

One year from now, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. The law will have a tremendous impact on how companies, government agencies and, yes, executive search firms across the E.U. — including the U.K. — handle personal data. Ignore the law and you can expect tough penalties for failing to comply.

Hunt Scanlon’s 10 Best Interviews of 2016

If Hunt Scanlon Media has one best kept secret, it is the vast professional and tightly focused network that we communicate with every day, both on and off the grid. Hunt Scanlon provides daily market intelligence briefings and data analytics to an expanding universe of global talent acquisition leaders – 72 percent of them on

Not Actively Looking Broadens Services, Adds New Members

Not Actively Looking, a U.K.-based global matchmaking platform for senior executives and executive search firms, has broadened its services to include non-executive directors (NEDs) and interim executives. “Enabling the platform for NEDs and interim executives is a natural extension of our service,” said Joseph Blass, chief executive officer. “NEDs are often in a permanent executive role

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100 Search Firms Are Now Working With Not Actively Looking

LONDON, May 12, 2016 — Not Actively Looking launched just over a year ago and today 100 Search Firms are working with us, from San Francisco to Hong Kong and this number is growing weekly. Search Firms are enjoying the benefits of the unique Not Actively Looking service and executives finally have a platform to privately network

Not Actively Looking Disrupts Search Firm Model, Grows User Base 90 Percent

LONDON, July 5, 2015 — You’re a senior executive wondering what might come next in your career. Positions at your level are rarely advertised or posted. So you contact a search firm or two. You tell them you’re, “not actively looking” but might be interested in a new position, should the right one present itself. You email them



Not Actively Looking - Making Life Simple for Executive Search Firms
Not Actively Looking: Why it works for Search Firms
GDPR: implications for search firms in the technology sector
Why did I switch?

Why did I switch?

Why did I switch?