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Executive search is about finding precisely the right person for that key senior executive position. Whether you are conducting a search to find a new Chairman, CEO, CFO, CTO or other senior leader, an executive search consultant’s real value is in understanding the clients’ needs and finding the right man or woman to fill the senior job in a way that truly fits the requirement.

Not Actively Looking can help you find that perfect candidate much faster. This not only saves you time and effort involved in calling inappropriate or uninterested candidates, but also ensures that you provide a timely and efficient solution to help solve your client’s critical business need.

At Not Actively Looking we have developed our own unique search algorithm to prioritise potential executive candidates in terms of the skills, experience, aspirations and remuneration expectations that you define. This will produce a list of potential executive candidates ranked in order of suitability. You will then be able to start calling the right people immediately, saving yourself time and, critically, solving the client’s problem faster.

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Career Transitions – How Do You Get Going?

Whether it’s planned or unplanned, a career transition can be a stressful experience for anyone. This is a time when senior executives need professional advice to make sure they’re heading in the right direction, whether that means networking with headhunters or seeking advice from a career coach. It’s too important to just leave this to

Not Actively Looking Launches Ezekia

Not Actively Looking, a London-based executive candidate portal, has officially launched its complete browser-based executive search system under the brand name “Ezekia.” Prior to the formal launch as a separate product, the system debuted in April 2018 and has been adopted by a number of search firms in the Americas, Asia and Europe. “Ezekia was

Why Executives Need Career Transition Support, Even in a Hot Job Market

Even in a strong economy, executives face many challenges when searching for a new position equal to their talents. A new report by John Myers, founder and managing director of Kensington International, concludes that in a hot job market, business leaders might question whether they need to provide transition support for their outgoing executives and

Signium U.K. Adopts Not Actively Looking Recruitment Management Platform

Signium U.K., global search consortium Signium’s U.K. business unit, has adopted a new search system from Not Actively Looking, which will now act as the primary platform for managing all of the search firm’s business. Alastair Paton, managing partner of Signium U.K. and chair of the global board of Signium, said that the firm had carefully

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Better Access to Executive Coaches via Not Actively Looking

LONDON, U.K., October 2, 2019 – Not Actively Looking (http://www.notactivelylooking.com) is today launching a new service that will make it easier for senior executives to find qualified executive coaches. The international marketplace of executive coaches, previously visible only to executive members of the Not Actively Looking (NAL) platform, will now be available to anyone visiting the

Borderless Executive Search Adopts New Search System From Not Actively Looking

LONDON, U.K., March 29, 2019 – Borderless Executive Search is the latest executive search consulting firm to adopt the new search system from Not Actively Looking as the primary platform for managing all of the firm’s business. Andrew Kris, Founding Partner of Borderless Executive Search, commented; “With Not Actively Looking we have taken two-steps beyond the

The Future of Executive Databases Has Arrived

LONDON, August 17, 2017 — Not Actively Looking (www.notactivelylooking.com), the platform for executives to self-manage their profiles with executive search firms, has significantly enhanced its product suite and has launched its free Client and Assignment Manager modules for retained executive search firms. The module includes the option for search firms of adding Executive Private Profiles alongside

Not Actively Looking Announces Major New Features

LONDON, January 9, 2017 — Not Actively Looking, the career management platform for the senior executives and the executive search industry, today announced two important new features to improve the functionality for search firms and to help firms prepare for GDPR, the new General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May next year. The first

125 Search Firms Are Now Working With Not Actively Looking

LONDON, August 9, 2016 — Not Actively Looking is now partnering with 125 Search Firms, from San Francisco to Hong Kong and this number is growing weekly. Search Firms are enjoying the benefits of the unique Not Actively Looking service and executives finally have a platform to privately network with the consultants best suited to their needs.



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Why did I switch?

Why did I switch?

Why did I switch?