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Mirador Talent Consulting specializes in working with executive recruiting and other professional services firms to identify and recruit the right leaders for your firm.

We understand the challenges that professional services firms encounter related to senior and executive level recruitment. We’re invested in identifying talent who can grow your firm and lead it into the future. Given the importance of organizational dynamics when it comes to selecting new leaders for your firm, our recruiting process begins with carefully understanding your culture and organizational goals.

Your long-term success is a core principle that guides our work. Our focus is helping you achieve your business goals by ensuring you have the right leaders who will help drive business strategies and commitments.

Mirador Talent Consulting also specializes in human resources executive search, including corporate talent acquisition and executive recruiting.

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We are invested in our clients and have built a recruitment model tied to your long-term success. Our goal is to build a partnership, beginning with developing an in-depth understanding of your business strategy and the talent required to achieve desired results.

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Your long-term success is the core principle that guides our firm. Our primary focus is to help you achieve your business goals by identifying top leaders who will develop and drive innovative business strategies.

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Building a Comprehensive Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Building an effective diversity recruiting strategy requires commitment, a sound strategy, and most importantly, perseverance. Developing a diversity recruiting strategy that is sustainable is about more than which job boards you subscribe to or the candidate discovery tools you use. “At the executive level, a diversity referral program and diverse interview teams can be effective,

Helping Recruitment Firms Find the Right Talent to Navigate the Future

Over the last two decades of working in executive search, Brian Moorhouse has encountered practically every type of challenge that companies face in finding leaders who can help navigate the future. During his 10 years in retained search and 12 years in corporate executive recruiting, he has been in on the ground floor of discussions

U.S. Labor Dept. Delivers Springtime Gut Punch

Employment fell by 20.5 million last month as the U.S. unemployment rate rose to 14.7 percent low, according to the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report released this morning. The changes in these measures reflect the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. The number of unemployed currently stands at 23.1 million.

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What’s in your Funnel? Increasing Diversity Representation at the Executive Level

By Brian P. Moorhouse, Founding Principal, Mirador Talent Consulting, LLC An effective diversity recruiting strategy isn’t only about which job boards you subscribe to or the candidate discovery/rediscovery tools you use. It’s not necessarily about your applicant database or the presence of a “Diversity Sourcer” that makes the difference. At the executive level, a diversity