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Helbling & Associates was established in 1992 by Tom Helbling to meet the recruiting needs of construction contractors and real estate developers. Our network expanded as our clients began referring us to their colleagues outside of those sectors.

Today, we serve architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate development firms, in addition to entities that have significant real estate assets and facilities management needs. These include educational, healthcare, and cultural and community institutions; life sciences and materials science organizations; industrial and technology companies; utilities and energy management firms; as well as retailers and hospitality establishments.

Our business values long-term relationships, and our culture focuses on serving clients’ long-term interests. Helbling search consultants engage with clients from the initial conversation to understand their organizations and collaborate on each step of the search process. Our curiosity and genuine interest in their goals, mission, and vision exceed the typical involvement of an executive search firm.

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We work together. And that works for you.

From day one, Tom Helbling believed and still believes that the best way to support our clients and their success is to foster an internal collaborative culture in which we operate as a true team, sharing our knowledge, experiences, and insight.

“We have a strong team of professionals who dedicate their time and extend personal commitment to always doing the right thing and always reaching for excellence.” -Tom Helbling

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Helbling & Associates focuses on facilities management; architecture, engineering, and construction; and real estate development gives us an unmatched perspective on the range of talent that exists. For every executive search, we develop a customized strategy based on our industry knowledge and experience. This often includes expanding the candidate pool with professionals from tangential sectors who have the experiences, capabilities, and skill sets that our client seeks.

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News Briefings

How to Define Your Professional Brand

When most people think of brands, they first think of well-known consumer packaged goods or durable goods, such as Pepsi or Ford. These are often synonymous with TV commercials and other mass media advertising with big budgets, which are aimed at consumers. They have defined identities comprised of a logo and tagline, and they have a

Job Seekers, and Recruiters, Adjusting to a More Flexible Future Workforce

Job seekers are becoming more open to opportunities outside their current roles, pointing to a future workforce that is more skilled and more apt to transition into new industries, according to new survey examining the impact of the pandemic on recruiting and job seekers by CareerBuilder. A third of respondents said that too much competition

Helbling & Associates Assists STO Building Group in CHRO Search

Wexford, PA-based Helbling & Associates has assisted in the placement of Claudia Healy as chief human resources officer (CHRO) at STO Building Group, a family of construction management companies headquartered in New York City. The search firm launched the assignment at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Through constant contact, innovative screening and presentation methods

Talent Needs Spark Concern … and Opportunities

In every industry around the country, one problem persists: landing top flight talent. For the construction sector, the challenge to find the right people is magnified. In its not-so-distant past, building projects were field-driven by tough men in hard hats, and promotion to leadership positions came after one worked his way up through the ranks. Today, operations in the

Press Releases

The Crucial Role of CFO

November 13, 2020 – Economic Impact – The current economic state has prompted, or forced, in some cases, organizations to assess their financial health more closely. According to Helbling’s Executive Director, Jim Lord, when organizations experience the squeeze of an economic downturn, the need for robust financial systems and leadership becomes more apparent.“It is crucial to have

Succession Planning for AEC Firms

October 1, 2020 – How do Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms prepare for a transition as their owners and principals plan for retirement? According to a recent New York Times article, 2.9 million workers ages 55 to 70 left the labor market since March. It is easy to attribute the surge in early retirements to the

Booming E-Commerce CRE

September 11, 2020 – There are numerous office vacancies and many retail stores closing during the current challenging period for commercial real estate. Sales in physical stores have been declining steadily for years with some retailers facing increasing debt and the coronavirus pandemic forcing many to declare bankruptcy. As a result, retailers are decreasing the

CRE Facets of the Life Sciences Industry

July 30, 2020 – In what is currently a challenging period for commercial real estate, there are a few bright spots. One of the industries showing signs of growth: Life Sciences. The COVID-19 pandemic may have positively impacted biotechnology investments. S&P Global reported in late July that in the first half of 2020, the industry drew nearly



Facilities Management Search Capabilities

Insight Blog Posts:
Principles and Payoffs of Biophilic Design
You may recognize the difference between biophilia and sustainable design. Sustainable design focuses on reducing the consumption of resources, which may include energy use and use of natural resources to make products. READ MORE


What is Your Professional Brand?
Helbling’s marketing manager explains why a brand is important during the recruiting process and provides four ways for an organization or individual to define a professional brand. READ MORE


Evaluating a New Career Opportunity
According to a survey conducted by TopResume, 70% of people currently employed are open to a new career opportunity. Many successful professionals are among this group. READ MORE


10 Tips for Conducting Interviews
Anyone who interviews candidates understands that the approach may be unique to their organization and the individuals involved; however, following some standard best practices for conducting interviews can elevate the hiring process. READ MORE


Redefining the Seller-Doer
The term “seller-doer” became popular more than a decade ago as organizations faced challenging post-recession market conditions. READ MORE


Two Top CRE Asset Classes Unite
There are three commercial real estate asset classes with projected growth in the next four years. Read an overview of the intersection between two of them and their connection to higher ed. READ MORE


Reference Check Checkup
If you conduct reference checks, it may be time to give your process a quick checkup. Helbling search consultants conduct hundreds of reference checks each year. Read their professional tips. READ MORE


5 Ways to Get Noticed by a Nonprofit
Nonprofits comprise the third-largest workforce in the United States. Many people are looking for a new role in a nonprofit environment. Read how to get noticed by nonprofit hiring managers (part 2 of 2). READ MORE


5 Ways to Attract Candidates to a Nonprofit
Some nonprofits can rely on their name recognition for recruiting purposes. Others can benefit from some professional tips. Read how to attract candidates to a nonprofit (part 1 of 2). READ MORE


7 Steps to Manage Your Career Goals
Career goals can be daunting to define and difficult to describe but are so important to professional growth. Read how you can manage your career goals in seven easy steps. READ MORE



Case Studies:
Chief Operations Officer for a leading public library system
Head of U.S. Engineering for a worldwide real estate owner and developer
Chief Operating Officer and President for a construction management company
Senior Director, Facilities Strategy & Operation for a prominent research institute
Chief Human Resources Officer for a construction management group
Chief Operating Officer for a large public school district
Director of Project Solutions, Healthcare for a construction manager
Director of Facilities and Capital Planning for a nonprofit
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer for an engineering firm
Chief Real Estate Officer for a private university

To view all Case Studies, visit: https://www.helblingsearch.com/CaseStudyListing

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