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Ellig Group is a global leader in recruiting and onboarding outstanding diverse executive talent with the backgrounds and expertise to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We offer a meaningful and holistic approach to talent identification and development through our Executive/Board advisory and assessment capabilities, AI/analytics, leadership development and onboarding programs. Our customized advice and tools support both clients and candidates in reaching their goals before, during, and after a search assignment.

A Powerful Legacy
Our reputation as trusted advisors is built upon a foundation of 40 years of industry expertise, insights, networks, and partnerships. Janice Reals Ellig joined our legacy company Gould McCoy Chadick as a Partner in 2000 and, in 2007, became Co-Chief Executive Officer as the firm evolved to become Chadick Ellig. From this rich history we became Ellig Group in 2017, and are recognized as the premier search partner for top diversity talent.

An Expert Leader
Heralded by Bloomberg Businessweek as “one of the world’s most influential headhunters,” Janice Reals Ellig is a respected expert in the executive search field as well as a founder, speaker, author, mentor, philanthropist, advocate and champion of gender parity and inclusion in the workplace. As CEO of Ellig Group, Janice is committed to gender equality and the appointment of more women and diverse candidates on corporate boards and in C-Suites by 2025.

A Company For Today
Multi-generational, agile, transparent, and results-driven: We are today’s premier talent partners for tomorrow’s leadership needs. Proud to be a woman-owned and operated firm dedicated to advocating for inclusive leadership that will shape the future, Ellig Group has a strategic network of partners who increase our global reach, focus on greater inclusion, equity and diversity, and share our philosophy of providing impactful talent solutions that help define and grow organizations.

Solutions And Expertise

We customize our approach and tailor our solutions to each client’s unique needs, from the beginning of our Executive Search offering through to talent development services offered through our Leadership Practice.

Ellig Group is the New York member firm of IIC Partners, a leading worldwide executive search consortium with offices in nearly 40 countries, including 8 in the United States. IIC Partners is comprised of independently owned and operated, retained search firms with over 350 search professionals. Partnering with these firms provides us with instant access to talent worldwide, enabling us to support our clients in all of their markets with minimal off-limits issues.

We believe that leadership development is a lifelong journey. As we Reimagine Search, we are committed to enhancing and accelerating an executive’s success and impact. We offer a series of personalized strategic programming and consulting solutions to enhance and support transformational leadership at all levels.

We deliver distinctive insights and impactful leadership solutions to help CEOs and boards position the organization for sustainable success. Our services focus on practical improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of governance processes. Our board advisory practice focuses on the most strategic elements of governance, including value-driven director and CEO succession planning and ongoing board skill development and education.

In addition to Ellig Group’s board advisory offering, we have recently launched the Board-Readiness Coaching Program (BRCP). The program provides executives with a six-month strategic coaching program to ultimately position them for a suitable, rewarding board role. The objective of the Ellig Group BRCP is the development of an actionable plan and tools to accelerate an executive’s path to corporate board affiliation. Ellig Group will provide highly capable and experienced resources including International Coaching Federation certified coaches, personal brand specialists, writing and research support, and access to its extensive network of executives and directors.

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Janice Ellig is CEO of the Ellig group, known as “The Closer”, she is one of the top recruiters in the country specializing in the placement of executive women in C-suites and on corporate boards. She says that though there has been gender parity progress, it is still an issue at the top corporate levels

Press Releases

Nicole Sandford Honored as NACD Announces the 2022 NACD Directorship 100™ Honorees: Lifetime Achievement Award, Directors of the Year, and the 2022 Directorship 100 List

(April 7, 2022) The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the authority on boardroom practices representing more than 23,000 board members, today announced the honorees of the 2022 NACD Directorship 100™, an annual recognition of the leading corporate directors, corporate governance experts, policymakers, and influencers who significantly impact boardroom practices and performance. Nicole Sandford, executive vice president


Podcasts: Leadership Reimagined
NEW EPISODES RELEASED – 3RD THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH – Join Janice Ellig, CEO and founder of Ellig Group, as she sits down with extraordinary leaders in this series of game-changing conversations.

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Ted Christie, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Director of Spirit Airlines
Dan Doctoroff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sidewalk Labs
Suzanne Yoon, Founder and Managing Partner of Kinzie Capital Partners

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