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Retained Executive Search | Reimagined
Decoupled Search is the premier provider of retained executive search for non board-level leadership positions in North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific and India. We produce great hires with superior candidate reliability for 1/3 the cost of traditional retained executive search.

Great Hires
The goal of every executive search is to facilitate a good business decision. Great hires can result from internal promotion, external hire, or even choosing to maintain the status quo. What has been missing is a cost-effective means to determine the right candidate for a key position.

We developed DecoupledSearch™ as a better alternative to traditional retained executive search. For a USD10,000 (or GBP equivalent) Search Fee, we’ll generate the data you need to facilitate an empirically-sound business decision and achieve a great hire. You pay our Hire Fee only if one of our candidates is selected.

Superior Candidate Reliability
Any competent Executive Recruiter should be able to identify, recruit & start an external candidate…that’s Recruiting 101. The real value derived from an external hire is a function of what the hired candidate produces after they join your company.

We protect enterprise value by only presenting candidates likely to remain with your company long enough to produce a return on your investment, and use our industry-leading 3-Year Candidate Warranty™ to mitigate early candidate failure risk. Should our candidate leave your payroll for any reason prior to their third anniversary, we’ll conduct a search for their replacement free of charge.

1/3 The Cost of Traditional Retained Executive Search
Our goal is to create the context for a great hire, irrespective of the source of a candidate.

Frequently, you’ll have internal candidates or identify external candidates through other search efforts. Unlike our competitors (who are compensated irrespective of the source of a successful candidate), our Hire Fee is earned only if one of our candidates is selected.

Our customers routinely realize Six-Figure Savings over our traditional retained executive search competitors by using DecoupledSearch™ when choosing internal promotion or external hire from another source.

Solutions And Expertise

Our Customers understand that realizing five & six-figure savings on an essential decision support tool like retained executive search contributes directly to their bottom lines and improves cost structure effectiveness. Instead of reducing, or even eliminating use of retained executive search, they demand more value from their executive search firm without compromising quality.

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News Briefings

Decoupled Search Opens Office in London

Las Vegas-headquartered executive search firm Decoupled Search has expanded with the addition of a new office in London. The firm now has capabilities to fill non-board level leadership positions in North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and India. “The decision to establish a physical presence in Western Europe is a natural extension of our strategy to maintain cost leadership in the retained executive search industry,”

Decoupled Search Launches Recruiting Tools Aimed At Leadership Teams

Las Vegas-headquartered executive search firm Decoupled Search has launched three new products intended to help improve the executive search process: RosterGenius provides an empirical basis for senior managers to determine the opportunity cost of retaining an existing executive; a data-driven interim executive validation tool called InterimConfirm; and DepartureRecovery, a cost-effective means available to manage an unexpected executive departure. Pat

Press Releases

Executive Retention Kills Growth

February 29, 2020 – Just as variance drives returns in equity markets, so does variance drive returns from your Human Capital. Our customers tell us they most frequently realize peak contribution from externally-hired executives three to five years after their appointment, then often watch helplessly as marginal contribution rates slowly regress to zero. Is your

Succession Planning is Dead

February 9, 2020 – What happened? Quite simply, the Lean Movement eliminated most of the value of traditional Succession Planning. Whereas in the past, companies invested in building Bench Strength and creating redundancy in their leadership ranks, today’s Lean organizations use Just-In-Time principles to do the opposite. Companies that have been using Lean practices to

Is Your Business Cool & Sexy or Unexciting & Profitable

January 7, 2020 – I wanted to be the “Cool Kid” in high school, but instead became the nerdy Chicago MBA. It should be no surprise that today, my customers are more interested in creating profitable, enduring businesses than basking in the limelight of fleeting success. As Industry Cost Leaders, our message resonates with executive

You Know You’ve Overpaid Your Executive Search Firms When…

October 19, 2019 – Is retained executive search a luxury good or an essential business tool? While our top-tier competitors perpetuate the belief executive search is just as expensive today as it was last century…even going so far as promoting their product like a fine Swiss watch…we’re doing the opposite. We developed DecoupledSearch™ as a

Traditional Retained Executive Search Costs Too Much

February 27, 2019 – Overpaying for an executive search is no big deal when you’re busy growing your company: But what happens when the music stops? The traditional retained executive search pricing model was developed last century, in the 1950’s to be more specific; before personal computers, smartphones or the internet…let alone online search tools


Retained Executive Search | Reimagined
Is Your Business Cool & Sexy?