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The Dahill Group is an specialty recruiting firm that provides recruiting services and expertise to the Energy/Oil & Gas and Mineral Extraction Industry.

As a specialty firm, we are uniquely positioned to understand the complex business needs and challenges facing theses industries. As experienced recruiters in the industry, we have helped our clients hire leading performers that have a direct impact on the growth of their business. We utilize our veteran knowledge and entrenched industry relationships to find the best candidate for our client. We specialize in recruiting and placing energy/oil and gas professionals in; LNG, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Oilfield services energy sectors of the industry.

Our cross functional expertise includes placing candidates in the areas of law, finance, and engineering, while our industry expertise has a breath of knowledge in (Environmental, Social, Governance) ESG and regulatory (FERC specialists) professionals.

We understand the changing landscape of today’s energy work force. We know how to specifically tailor our recruiting efforts to the skills and aptitude required for a startup, to those keen operational or financial skills needed for a mid-cap public or private company. We focus not only on experience but also compatibility that matches with your culture, mission and strategy. Above all, we value quality — the quality of the service we provide our clients and the way we treat our candidates.

At The Dahill Group, we believe that people are the most crucial asset of any company.

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The Dahill Group was founded to create a dynamic, professional organization that is focused on providing clients and candidates with the resources they need and a foundation for a trusted relationship. We grew up in a family immersed in all parts of the energy and natural resource industries, making us highly competent in this concentration. Our experience means we stay abreast of the changes in the industry, which makes us uniquely positioned to understand the recruiting needs of our energy and natural resource clients.

Solutions And Expertise

The Dahill Group ensures your company gets the value you deserve and the outcome you need when hiring an energy/oil & gas recruiter. Our areas of focus within the industry include; power, upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the industry. Our core specialties include: executive, legal, finance, geology, engineering and business operations.

  • Executive Search
  • Interim
  • Downstream
  • Midstream
  • Oilfield Services
  • Upstream
  • Business Development
  • Engineering
  • Executive Leadership
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Legal/Compliance

News Briefings

The Dahill Group Expands into Clean Energy and Minerals Extraction Industries

Denver, CO-based executive search firm The Dahill Group has expanded its recruiting services and expertise into the clean energy and minerals extraction industries, complementing its core oil and gas business. “As the energy industry transitions to a lower carbon future, we are expanding to meet the broader needs of our clients and the natural resources industry

CEO Optimism Climbs to Multi-Year High

America’s CEOs are increasingly convinced that the COVID crisis, which has crushed the global economy, will soon come to an end. In Chief Executive magazine’s latest poll of more than 300 U.S. CEOs, a growing number of business leaders now forecast growth in revenues and capital expenditures. In the poll, chief executives rated their confidence in future

10 Penetrating Questions to Ask Your Search Firm

How do you size up an executive search firm’s true capabilities? In the age of COVID-19 it is an important consideration. To get you started, Odgers Berndtson has offered up 10 questions to help judge if you have the right recruiter on your side or if it’s time to start a search of your own.

Press Releases

The Dahill Group Announces Expansion into Clean Energy and Minerals Extraction Industries

(April 16, 2021) Specialty executive recruiting firm The Dahill Group announces expansion of its recruiting services and expertise into the clean energy and minerals extraction industries, complementing its core oil and gas business. Founder Elizabeth Dahill comments: “As the energy industry transitions to a lower carbon future, we at The Dahill Group are expanding to


The Energy Summit: Workforce Transitions: Shifting Realities and Expectations

The Dahill Group are proud members of numerous industry associations; Colorado Oil & Gas, Petroleum Association of Wyoming, Women in Oil & Gas and IPAA. We believe our active participation in these associations allows us access to top executives, Board Members and others in the industry. It also provides us with current market developments, industry challenges, regulatory and legal matters that are directly impacting the industry.

At the 2019 Energy Summit, Elizabeth Dahill was asked to moderate a panel discussion regarding the work force transition effecting the oil & gas industry. The U.S. oil and gas industry directly employees over 800,000 professionals. A change or transition in this industry and its workforce has an economic impact to our nation and our GPD.