About Us

Delivering results through precise, value-driven business transformations with a talent edge.

When change hits, value shifts and money moves to follow the value. But people in organizations can’t move as fast. They are stuck and disconnected. Stuck in hierarchies or with old ways of thinking, and disconnected from the value. Our founders and partners have spent decades working inside the C-Suite at large, global organizations and private equity firms. We leverage this knowledge and experience to rapidly unlock value to generate measurable results.

We build long-term capabilities to allow the work to carry on. We use cutting-edge tools that put actionable insights into the hands of business leaders across the globe to improve a company’s returns, mitigate execution risk and minimize disruption.

Our Values

  • Everything we do is connected to value.
  • We perform the fewest things possible to generate the greatest impact, in time.
  • We love to be creative – bringing a beginner’s mind, imagination, and design to the world of talent.
  • We come from an experienced practitioner’s point of view.
  • Intuition is no longer enough; we focus on evidence.


Solutions And Expertise


News Briefings

How Critical Roles Drive Value

Inevitably, whether through inflation, supply chain disruptions, global political turbulence, or some other force beyond our control, change hits—suddenly and without warning. When this happens, insightful CEOs need to pivot towards the must-do work and the must-have roles connected to that work. This practice will enable precision in any business transformation but is especially important

Targeting the Most Impactful Points of Value Creation

Inevitably, be it through inflation, supply chain disruptions, global political turbulence, or other unavoidable calamities, change hits – sometimes suddenly and without warning. When this happens, CEOs pivot towards the “must do” work and should pivot towards the “must have” roles connected to that work. According to Sumeet Salwan, co-founder of CEO.works, this practice enables

Making the Right Human Capital Decisions

Change hits, sometimes suddenly and without warning. Value shifts. Money moves quickly to keep up. Talent gets redeployed slowly, lagging behind both money and value. In an era of slow, incremental change, this chain of events might not be a problem. Not so in today’s world of rapid and almost constant disruption, according to CEO.works, a

Connecting Talent to Value

As the world changes, so too does “value” change. What consumers willingly paid for yesterday becomes passé overnight. What they will willingly pay for tomorrow just as quickly becomes today’s business imperative. To keep up with these value shifts, senior leaders move financial capital at lightning speed from points of lower return to points of