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ACCUR Recruiting Services is a boutique executive search firm specialized in consumer industries (beauty, wine & spirits, watch & jewelry, food & beverage, tobacco, cannabis, hospitality). It was established in 2006 and now has offices in NYC, New Jersey and Miami, with additional consultants in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Bogotá. We focus on middle up to senior level positions, mostly for sales & business development, marketing, export, retail, finance, operations.

We have a strong experience placing professionals and executives ourselves across the US, but we have also built a large network of recruitment partners around the world who can support the needs of our clients anywhere they want.

Our search process is always a combined effort of a full direct approach strategy geared towards passive candidates working in target companies, and soliciting the large network of consumer industry professionals we have built over the years.

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Please meet our team of recruitment consultants, recruitment coordinators and more… We are very proud of having loyal team members, especially our consultants who have been with us between 6 and 10 years.

Solutions And Expertise

Our “Network” approach means that we operate as one collaborative team, merging our individual talents with the collective expertise of our global network of recruitment partners. This means that the power of the entire network is delivered to every client, every time.


News Briefings

How the Talent Game is Changing

Much like everything else having to do with hiring and recruiting, executive search is changing. The inability to meet face to face has had a big impact on every organization’s ability to effectively assess the quality of senior-level candidates, according to a new report from Rhys Metler of IQ Partners. But there’s more: The search