Diversified Search Group

Website Ad and Image Size Guidelines


For any ad that is displayed in the body of the website, like Newswire stories or ESR, etc (In-Line Ads): 629px W. Height can vary depending on the ad.

Homepage Mobile Ads: Current dimensions are 300px W x 150px H but we could increase that to 480px W x 240px H to make the ads full width on most every mobile screen. Right now they’re not.

Homepage Desktop Ads (Banners): 710px W x 110px H.

Homepage Right Side Ads (Odgers is current): 427px W x 300px H

Right Sidebar (Skyscraper) Ads: 160px W x 600px H. These GIFs should only be a couple hundred kb filesize max. They need to be optimized prior to uploading to the site.

Left Sidebar Ads: 256px W. Height can vary. For reference, the Ellipsis ad that’s been there for a long time is 355px H.

Ranking Ad (above ranking title): 500px W by 125px H (The ads on Financial 50 and Govt 20 are 600×150 which is large but works)

Sitewide Header Ad: 420px W x 80px H

Webinars/Podcasts Page Right Sidebar Ads: Currently displayed at 374px W x 263px H.

Ellipsis Company Page Header Images: 1164px W. Height can vary but height is usually in the 340px H range.

Conference page header Images: 930px W. Height can vary but height is usually in the 375px H range.